In the 1940's while commuting from South Los Angeles to the Long Beach Naval shipyards to help build ships for the war effort, Leo H. Carroll noticed a small automotive repair shop that was always busy repairing brakes on cars. At that time he had the idea that "If you have gas in a car there is one thing you’re always going to have to do, and that is you’re going to have to stop that car." With that saying in mind Leo decided that after the war was over he was going to start an automotive repair shop that specialized in repairing brakes on cars and trucks.

In 1946 that idea became reality. Leo opened Carroll's Brake Service at its first location in southwest Los Angeles. He worked that location into a fairly prosperous business for 10 years. With both his business and family growing he decided to invest in a bigger shop, so in 1956 he purchased a vacant piece of land in what is now Alhambra, Ca. There he built both his family home and a new larger building to house his business.

Using the motto "Treat your customers car like your own", a phrase we still stand by today, Leo created a thriving family business that has withstood the test of time. Over 60 years later, it is still family owned and operated to this day.

In the middle 1970's, the second generation of Carroll's Brake Service started.  After his NFL pro football career ended, Leo H. Carroll, Jr took over the reigns from his father. Seeing the importance of the then budding import car market, Leo Jr expanded the business by providing brake repair on vehicles manufactured in Japan and Europe. With Leo Jr at the helm the business expanded even further.

In the late 1990's Leo Jr handed the business over to his to sons Jason and Jeremiah, starting the third generation of Carroll’s Brake Service. Jason and Jeremiah expanded services to include Anti-Lock and electronic brake repair as well as select under car suspension repair including CV shafts and shocks and struts.

Carroll's Brake Service is one of only a handful of specialty shops that specializes in just brake and under car suspension repair. We don't provide any other types of car repair so you can be assured that with our experience, we can handle even the most obscure and difficult brake problems.

We are a full service brake repair shop. We have 3 brake rotor refacing lathes on site. Our shop has three bays to service you. We have a large majority of brake parts in stock. This means that the wait time is cut down considerably compared to other shops.

Come down or call for availability for a FREE  BRAKE INSPECTION. We are open Monday -Friday 8am to 4:30 pm.

Carroll's Brake Service is one of the few remaining brake repair shops that have generations of experience. Something money just can't buy.

Hope to see you soon. Thanks for looking.

The Carroll's